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DevOps: Agile Software Development            with IT-Informatik

What ist DevOps and for which companies is it suitable?

The DevOps strategy combines software development and system operation. These are merged early in the development process. This automates manual processes. Testing, bug fixing, integration and optimization take place here already parallel to the development. All companies that want to improve their software development and software delivery should use DevOps. Analyse your current situation with us, set your goals and transform your company with us. We will be happy to advise you and ensure a successful implementation.

What can you achieve with DevOps and why with IT-Informatik?

Invest today to benefit from this change in the long term. Automation increases your efficiency. Processes become more agile. This means that employees work more effectively, deployment cycles become shorter and the residual risks before each release are close to zero. Overall, quality is improved and costs are reduced. Our own brands have been using this strategy for years and are therefore very successful. Take advantage of our experience and build on DevOps just like we do.


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Your advantages with DevOps

  • Cost reduction
  • Increasing efficiency and quality

What is DevOps?

  • DevOps combines software development (=Dev) and system operations (=Ops)
  • It serves to automate software development.

DevOps - the best of both worlds

By establishing DevOps, we have succeeded in significantly reducing downtimes for our customers and in responding to their requests much faster and of a higher quality. Due to scaling effects, the support of significantly more systems is possible with the same team strength.

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