Individual Server
Individual Hosting Solutions with all-round support– IT-Informatik

Individual Server

Individual Hosting Solutions with all-round support– IT-Informatik 

What do you understand by individual hosting? Modular configurable performance, middleware and server tools? Within IT-Informatik individual hosting is not just one step further. In our high-performance computer centre, we operate single servers or entire system landscapes according to customer needs. This distinguishes us from pertinent hosting providers, who comprise customizing only in terms of additional options subject to a charge. Our customers are free to equip their servers or server pools with more specific resource planning, tailormade interfaces and many other features. Our all-round support ensures that also the most individual configurations are everyday highly available and always remain dynamically adaptable.

In IT-Informatik we respond to the request of individual security with individual, unique in form solutions. We operate our hardware in private, separate computer centres. All locations are in Germany – Augsburg, Hamburg and Ulm. Not least, from the software point of view we provide for our servers protective mechanisms of the highest category against external malfunctions and attacks.

Individual customers, individual servers: from textiles, to furniture, up to consulting. Every sector, every field must cope with unique demands. Accross all industries, prestigious customers, such as Gertex, Inhofer or tts, use the individual hosting solution by IT-Informatik.

Why our servers are even more individual:

  • 100% customer-specific configuration of individual servers or whole system landscapes
  • Individual resource planning, customized interfaces and features
  • Unique all-round support for maximum availability of any configuration

ITEM - Client magazine of IT-Informatik (01/2018)

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