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Not at all like the cliché of the coffee making trainee

29.01.2019 Thomas Wühr, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

This blog post is about Thomas, one of our students in a dual study programme. He tells you why it is not at all like the cliché of the coffee making trainee atz IT-Informatik GmbH.


Long production line - short distances @BSH

08.01.2019 Alexander Maier, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

With OPRA, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH and numerous other new customers have established user-friendly and process-oriented maintenance in SAP.

Trainee blog

New mavericks at IT-Informatik - part 1

01.01.2019 Rebecca Pichler

In October, we have again grown: five young and motivated trainees in various fields. Read here how the five started their training, about their best experience and about their challenges.


factor:plus goes SCO

20.12.2018 Rebecca Pichler

Long shopping queues and a seemingly never-ending shopping marathon - a terrifying picture. We think so, too! Read here, what we at IT-Informatik do against the constant suffering of stressful and exhausting shopping.

Current topics

10 facts about SAP you should know

13.12.2018 Rebecca Pichler

Even though everyone has seen or heard about the term SAP, there are a few facts that not everyone yet knows. Read more here.

Expert knowledge

How to: Digitization

07.12.2018 Rebecca Pichler

Corresponding to the previous article "Digitization or digital transformation?", here you can read about a practical use case from our Team Innovation which shows perfectly how digitization can be done in a company.


BITS - for a relaxed life with SAP

30.11.2018 Rebecca Pichler

No, we're not talking about Bitcoin, but BITS. Best-IT-Solutios for SAP, developed by IT-Informatik. Proven in practice for years. Read more.


ITIL and IT-Informatik: Continual Improvement of the Service Quality

29.11.2018 Sonja Wühr, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

On the occasion of the expansion of the service desk at IT-Informatik, ITIL Foundation courses are again performed at the headquarter in Ulm. Within three successive days, the participants get to know all the necessary ITIL basics. Read here how we continuously improve our services.

Expert knowledge

Digitization or Digital Transformation?

27.11.2018 Adriana Hemp, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

Everyone has for sure once heard the key words digitization and digital change in their everyday environment. How complex and diverse the processes behind these really are and what is meant with “Digital Transformation”, you can read in this article.


IT-Informatik as Recruiter at the career market and the experts day

22.11.2018 Rebecca Pichler

Here you can read how IT-Informatik is doing as a recruiter at different trade fairs.

Current topics

SAP share – the numbers of the third quarter and what they mean

20.11.2018 Philipp Grundmann, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

The numbers for the last third quarter of the software developer SAP are out. Read here what they mean.

Current topics

SAP C/4 HANA – The new SAP CRM generation

15.11.2018 Philipp Grundmann, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

Here, you find new information about the new SAP CRM generation. Background, facts and first impressions – from the SAP Markting Cloud to the SAP Cloud for Customer.


From S/4 HANA in Ulm to soap in Africa: the 80th SAP-user-circle

13.11.2018 Lene Gerdon, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

For the 80th time, we at IT-Informatik together with our clients went through the traditional SAP-user-circle. How old soap and S/4 HANA discovered unexpected similarities and why our car park is smarter than it looks, can be read here.


Shortage of skilled professionals caused by the digitalisation: strategies, solutions and approaches

08.11.2018 Roman Hoffmann, Rebecca Pichler

With the digitalisation, not only advantages are created for economics in general, but there are also a number of obstacles, that have to be overcome. This goes for the general shortage of skilled professionals, for instance, which was the topic of the event at IT-Informatik on the 8th October, 2018.

Trainee blog

Team spirit at IT-Informatik

06.11.2018 Robin Hennessey, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

Robin is another of our students in a dual study programme. He speaks of the team spirit at IT, which accompanies him through his daily work routine.

Current topics

How Social Media destroys communication

26.10.2018 Rebecca Pichler

Say that again? Social networks destroy the communication in our community? You heard right - Facebook, Google & Co are controlling empires that manipulate our behaviour. Read here how you are affected by this.

Trainee blog

Just like Bob Dylan – „Being a student“ at IT-Informatik

25.10.2018 Philipp Grundmann, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

Philipp, one of our students in a dual studies programme introduces himself and describes his everyday life at IT-Informatik and the challenges that a student meets in his work life. Why Bob Dylan has a part in this, you can read here.


Success Story: LIQUI MOLY - PIM as springboard onto the digitalisation wave

24.10.2018 Rebecca Pichler

Holy guacamole! In 2017, IT-Informatik suppoerted LIQUI MOLY with a PIM system in the processing of all sales information. Save, process or distribute information - with factor:plus, LIQUI MOLY developed modern e-business structures. Read the full story here!


Company Run 2018 - #RunningIT

23.10.2018 Rebecca Pichler, translated by: Rebecca DiFrancesco

The fourth DEE-AOK company run in Ulm - and we were there again!

Expert knowledge

IMH - Innovation Management Hub

22.10.2018 Tom Schölhorn, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

One of the most recent projects at IT-Informatik which shows how to stay up to date during digitalisation.