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10 facts about SAP you should know

13.12.2018 Rebecca Pichler

It does not matter in which industry, everyone has seen or heard the letter combination SAP. If you are looking for "SAP" in the search engine Google, questions like "What does the name SAP mean?" or "What is the SAP program?" come up. Seemingly irrelevant questions if you know the ropes with SAP.

As an IT service provider, we know more about SAP, of course. However, there are a few interesting facts that we want to record for you.

1. SAP is an acronym for "Systems, applications, products" referring to the processing of data. Founded in 1972, SAP went to the top of all software producers in the processing of any business processes of a company and is today one of the leading European and non-American software producers of the world.

2. On the SAP website, the five founders at the time are being called mavericks. The SAP founders took on the task to improve the world based on the connection of technical and business know-how and on a "Run-Simple" approach. By the way, all five founders were employed at IBM, the biggest computer business in 1972.

3. Back then, many could not imagine that there could ever be a program, which could enable a personal data entry independent from the several industries. There have even been bets on the failure of the SAP founders.

4. At the beginning of the development of the SAP company, the growth was kept small on purpose, so that they could deliver quality on a high level. The success of this strategy showed in 1991 on the CeBit, after the breakthrough with the add-on SAP R/3 that was the first to make it possible to access and manually edit all central data from different computers at a different time. In the following years (1992 to 1998), the turnover increased tenfold.

5. SAP took hold of the British chemical company Chemical Industry in 1972 as the first client, for which it should design the accounting more efficiently.

6. In general, SAP combines standard knowledge of IT specialists, economists and management experts. Thus, it becomes an indispensable and universal tool for successful companies.

7. Two third of the economic output worldwide are being processed with SAP. No wonder, as most of the companies use SAP to visualize their business processes. Several known names are Siemens, CocaCola or Microsoft.

8. Even at the UN, SAP plays a big role, since every second government of the UN member states uses SAP.

9. Three interesting figures that may surprise you: SAP clients produce 64% of the ice cream, 85% of the pet food and 86% of sports shoes worldwide.

10. Social benefactors: SAP is also committed to the fight against cancer as well as flood protection. In addition, they vouch for research, sustainability and social responsibility.

So there is more to SAP than you might think at first. If you're about to buy an ice cream or new sports shoes, you can be almost certain that SAP was involved. And that is despite the fact that nobody believed in SAP's success.

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