factor:plus goes SCO

20.12.2018 Rebecca Pichler

We all know it: you go shopping and you just want to grab some things for home. However, already from far away, still in the labyrinth of the shop shelves, you can see a kilometer-long queue of people with their overflowing trolleys in front of the cash registers. A quick end to the often stressful shopping is obviously not in sight.

That's why customers in many well-known shops have the opportunity to take the purchase completely into their own hands and step into the role of cashier themselves.

How exactly, you want to know?

With our self-checkout system from factor:plus, for example - because in addition to the classic checkout cash register, the mobile tablet cash register and the payment machine, IT Informatik adds the self-checkout solution to its factor:plus product portfolio.

Through decades of cash register experience, an intuitive and optimal functionality and user guidance for the customer could be ensured. However, in doing so, you do not have to give up the basic cash register functions!

All necessary functions such as the connection of the check-weigher, an age verification or the purchase of container articles are included in the solution.

What does this look like in practice?

When buying cigarettes, for example, which, as is well known, may only be sold to persons over 18, the cash desk supervisor is notified on a mobile device after the product has been successfully scanned.

This enables the supervisor to initiate further steps and confirm the purchase. If this does not happen, the final purchase will be blocked until a cash register supervisor has verified the customer's age.

The frequently voiced fear of many retailers of fraud at the self-checkout has thus been refuted. In addition, this risk is statistically significantly low, especially in the checkout area.

Simply put

The self-checkout system can be optimally supplemented by various cooperations such as the electronic goods issue of StrongPoint, the connection of a Glory Cash recycler, which also enables payment with cash, and the exit gate of ITAB for exit verification.

With this product extension, IT Informatik is pursuing the goal of offering you a new and stress-free way through the daily shopping chaos, because the customer is always king - now even behind the checkout!

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Do you want to know more about this topic? Then get in touch with us. Our experts will answer your questions.