From S/4 HANA in Ulm to soap in Africa: the 80th SAP-user-circle

13.11.2018 Lene Gerdon, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

For more than 30 years, IT-Informatik has been successful on the market and nearly as long we host the SAP-user-circle. Here, clients show their SAP projects, IT-Informatik presents new topics, there is active exchange and valuable contacts are established…

IT-Informatik not only in Ulm

Tobias Benz, head of the business unit Industry at IT-Informatik, already started with a promising opening: he reported about the present developments of IT-Informatik in Hamburg, Berlin and Barcelona and what opportunities evolve from that for our customers. There have already been first conversations with several clients directly in the Catalan metropolis.

On the one hand, new ressources can be added there, and on the other, new solutions are created at „IT-Informatik Iberia Digital“. One of these, the Innovation Management Hub, was a topic of great interest at our SAP-user-circle.

IT-Informatik at Wieland

The IT-client Wieland Werke-AG told about the present state of their project „S/4 Conversion in selfmanagement”. Corresponding to the motto “Aren’t we all a little bit HANA?”, the IT directors Georg Kästle and project manager Silvan Theil impressed with extended knowledge and provided with a lot of helpful information for all participants, that already find themselves in the organisation of such a project.

Insight into the Wieland-Projekt

IoT - more than just a quick hype

“IoT-Analytics in the SAP Cloud” was the topic of Tobias Bergleiter from the area of business intelligence. IoT, as he says, is more than just a quick hype, but together with the according applications rather an essential part of the digital transformation of a company. Goals like more customer proximity, improvement of efficiency and ideally, a lasting competitive advantage can be succeeded with it.

The SAP supports the topic of IoT with the SAP-Leonardo-portfolio thanks to which a traditional company can be transformed into a smart one. As a new, web- and cloud-based reporting-frontend, our guests got to know the SAP Analytics Cloud. During a live demo, Tobias Bergleiter connected a sensor to the SAP Cloud Platform and uploaded its measurements in the HANA-DB in realtime. A great and exciting topic of which we and our customers are definitely going to hear a lot more in the future.

Smart parking at IT

The majority of our guests came by car and parked it on the premises of IT-Informatik. Why do we tell you that? Simple as that: because our car park is pretty smart. Dr. Florian Schmid of the Team Innovations occupies himself among other things with the topic of “Machine Learning” and our car park is his test object.

In his presentation, he showed us how the capacity of our car park is determined via a trained neuronal network. The capacity and its course are visualised by the integration into the OPRA-master data-application. Now, it can be predicted, at what time we have free parking spots and for how long they will be available.

This is already a cool thing, but the best is – attention sleepy heads – that thanks to this application, you don’t have to get up extra early to get a parking spot.

Screenshots of the car park App

SAP and soap?

The last piece was also innovative. Not only because it was held by our Argentinian colleague Mauro Benetti and our spanisch employee Esteban Moreno, but because it actually was about innovations. But it didn’t look like that in the beginning, when Esteban Moreno showed a piece of soap to the audience. “What’s that?”, he asked and the audience deliberated.

Actually, it was just that – a piece of soap. This piece of soap inspired Derreck Kayongo, a former refugee from Uganda, to an innovative idea: the unconventional thinker, meanwhile living in the USA, noticed that huge amounts of unused hotel soap end up in the trash – in the USA alone, it is 2, 6 million pieces of soap per day. Thus, he founded the organisation “Global Soap Project”, which produces new soaps out of these residues and sends them to countries in need. And this safes lives! But what does this have to do with the SAP-user-circle?

Ideas become solutions

Esteban Moreno and Mauro Benetti developed a system, with which one can collect ideas, analyse them and develop them further to finally make them become a solution: the Innovation Management Hub. Very impressive as we think! In the area Analytics, HANA-based extensions are now developed, so stay tuned – we will introduce the next level to you! Promised!

We thank all speakers and guests for the active participation in the 80th SAP-user-circle and are looking forward to the next exciting event.

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