ITIL and IT-Informatik: Continual Improvement of the Service Quality

29.11.2018 Sonja Wühr, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

On the occasion of the expansion of the service desk at IT-Informatik, ITIL Foundation courses are again performed at the headquarter in Ulm. Within three successive days, the participants get to know all the necessary ITIL basics. Read here how we continuously improve our services.

Jan Metzke, Head of Service Solutions in the Business Unit Technology, reports: "The expansion of ITIL-abilities is wanted and is actively being encouraged. We engage even employees with the highest ITIL-ranking, the so-called 'ITIL expert'".

What is ITIL?

The abbreviation ITIL stands for "Information Technology Infrastructure Library" and is known to be the worldwide accepted and most used approach for IT Service Management. It presents a collection of best practices and processes which companies use for orientation and which can be established individually. 

While ISO/IEC 20000 is a standard, the de-facto standard ITIL provides with a "Body of Knowledge" - which means an implementation-oriented base to reach the standard. During this, ITIL supports amongst others the generation of additional value for clients via services or offers help at surveilling and optimising these.

The 5 steps of the Service Lifecyle

On level one, an entire strategy for IT-Services and IT Service Management is created.

Level two comprises the design of IT-Services that correspond to the business objectives.

The next level results from the Service Transition: the management of ressources to successfully transfer a service into the production within the predicted costs, quality and time estimate.

Level four is called Service Operation, which means the coordination and execution of activities and processes, which are necessary for the dispatch and management of the appointed services.

On the last level is the Continual Service Improvement, during which the IT-Services are continuously being matched with the business needs and recommendations for improvement in all life cicle phases of the service and the ITIL processes are being established.

ITIL Foundation Certification & Continual Service Improvement

"ITIL processes are never complete. It is constantly checked where there is still room for improvement. This is what our Service Delivery Manager is there for. We live ITIL every day, our work steps are based on it.", explain Service Desk employees that have done their course long ago.

The new colleagues of the team are introduced to the basics of the ITIL standard within three days. The trainers have long time consulting experience and dispose of a high advisory Expertise.

They impart the application of ITIL tools, techniques and concepts. Best Practices visualize the How-To and encourage the use of new ideas and approaches to fulfill the customers' requests.

The conclusion of Jochen Knorr - one of the participants - after day one of the ITIL Foundation Certification: "A complex subject that is conveyed in an interesting way by practical examples".

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