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SAP share – the numbers of the third quarter and what they mean

20.11.2018 Philipp Grundmann, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

Europes biggest software developer SAP published as planned the numbers for the recent third quarter (published on the 19th October 2018).

Unexpected factor of success

The first consequence: a fresh increase of the prognosis for the entire year. Background for that is the intense growth of the cloud software. For many experts and shareholders, the cloud business developed into the biggest factor of success.

In the numbers, this means that the generated turnover through the cloud software is nearly 40% bigger than the one through license sales. As measured by users, SAP is supposed to be the leading provider of cloud software worldwide.

Even more new specifications

On the basis of these results, SAP went one step further and presented new specifications for the end-of-year result. In the percentage growth, a figure in the size of 7,5 to 8,5% and in the total revenue, a figure between 25,2 and 25,5 million euros are expected.

Attraction despite margin decline

The only downer oft he new quarter numbers ist he small decline of the margin. This can also be explained with the success of the cloud business, as here, expenses arise at the beginning of the contract term, while the revenues are being stretched.

As a consequence, the margin has a short negative impact on the share, but makes it because of the good numbers and the strong development compared to the competition attractive for purchase.

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