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30.10.2018 Rebecca Pichler

Specifically developed for SAP, we at IT-Informatik designed our so called BITS, i.e. Best IT-Solutions for SAP. As small and modular Add-on solutions, they facilitate the everyday life with SAP.

Every BITS has ist own, clearly defined function, but it is also possible to extend them individually.

What kind of BITS do we have that make life with SAP easier?

In general, BITS are structured into solutions for communication, the human resources department and logistics. As small helping hands there are amongst others …

… the SAP EDI Konverter as solution for communication:

  • bidirectional communication on the basis of EDIFACT messages added to the SAP R/3 system
  • data exchange between the client’s SAP system and that of his business associate in both directions

… den HCM test data copier as solution for the human resources department:

  • hand over of module controlled master data, cluster data or travel management data separately or completely to the correspondent client
  • all simulations in the test system possible based on the data of the last live payroll run

… in logistics the solution of message dispatch SAP documents with attachments:

  • dispatch of SAP documents via the message control provided with the further opportunity to send additional linked documents as attachment

With our BITS, we at IT-Informatik want to share and utilise our practice-proven ideas and solutions with our clients, so that a few people less tear their hair and desperately stare at their computer screens.

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Do you want to know more about this topic? Then get in touch with us. Our experts will answer your questions.