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How Social Media destroys communication

26.10.2018 Rebecca Pichler

In times of data security craziness, we ask you: how much do you trust Facebook & Co? Do you know how your data is used and what impact social media has on you? Because Facebook & Co have their hands full with warnings due to a lack of GDRP compliance and thus, give more and more reasons to doubt their use.

Of empires that control our behaviour

The computer scientist Jaron Lanier comments this matter on BBC and calls companies like Facebook behaviour manipulating empires that constantly feed some kind of manipulation machine. This consequently influences our daily talks in a negative way.

But if Mark Zuckerberg claims that Facebook helps people to network more efficiently and to communicate in general, why should/would Facebook, Google & Co destroy the communication of our society?

Jaron lanier - better communication without Social Media 

Good question. Let's get back to Jaron Lanier, the computer scientist and author of the book "10 reasons to delete your social media accounts immediately". As the book title already reveals, he is convinced that your life without any social networks is a better one.

Why? He explains by constant surveillance in social media, our behaviour is being shaped according to a particular pattern and thus being modified. And running simultaneously in the background, the - as Jaron calls it - manipulation machine is always sending us subconscious messages.

Are we hence all being unknowingly manipulated? Does our only orientation lie in the social made channels? Are we still thinking for ourselves, or are we only fed knowledge dominated by the status quo of social media, without even being aware of it? So that we reproduce this knowledge and only this again and again, and never even question it?

Breaking out of the social media net

Jaron Lanier states that it is Facebook in particular that gets people addictive - all knowingly. In addition, it has already spun such a big net, that one can only use Facebook to be able to simply communicate.

Why did he put that much effort as to write an entire book about turning your back to the social media world?

For Jaron, two things are important: especially young people are to be motivated to at least take small breaks of Facebook, Google & Co. By doing that, they would be able to discover themselves more easily and get a better perspective about life with social media. That means, a life without manipulation.

Moreover, he does believe that if even only a small number of people tells social media goodbye, the exchange of opinions, reflection and communication are improved.

What about Jan Böhmermann?

By the way: Jan Böhmermann, the popular satirist and TV host of the Neo Magazin Royale, too, stands against Facebook & Google, as he explained at this years' Bits & Pretzels conference for founders and founding enthusiasts.

According to Böhmermann, the two internet giants are to be "smashed", and for an appropriate sum, he would say farewell to his appereance and also to his followers in order to encourage a deceleration and to concentrate on other things..

Justified or not? What do you think?

You can find the whole interview with Jaron Lanier on BBC here.

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Comment from Adriana
Sehr interessanter Beitrag! Dazu fällt mir ein Spruch ein, den ich mal gelesen habe: technology has connected the world and disconnected all the humans. Da ist etwas wahres dran. Man kommuniziert zwar mehr, aber immer unpersönlicher und mit Absichten. Wie sich das in Zukunft entwickelt, wird spannend...



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Do you want to know more about this topic? Then get in touch with us. Our experts will answer your questions.