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IMH - Innovation Management Hub @ IT-Informatik

22.10.2018 Tom Schölhorn, translated by: Rebecca Pichler

To keep up with digitalisation, it is indispensable for companies to be innovative on a daily basis. This works best when competences and know-how are compiled together in a functioning team.

From the idea to the innovation

An innovation always evolves through the same process. A question that needs to be answered, or a requirement that has to be fulfilled, serve as base for the innovation. It starts with an idea, which is nourished by other ideas and influences.

After that, one speaks of a concept, which entails the rough structure of the later solution. If this is developed further, the becoming innovation reaches project status.

Concrete processes are being developed, a prototype is created and often, this prototype gets tested and is being developed further. Once all defaults are gone and the project is market ready, a product evolves. If this product is superior to all its competitors and distinguishes itself on the market, one speaks of an innovation.

Manage innovations easily

The Innovation Management Hub aims at the exact same principle in consideration of the Canvas-Business-Model. It was developed by three trainees of IT-Informatik and is directly derived from the innovation process. The IMH is 100% SAP based and access is granted directly via the Fiori-Launchpad.

Depending on the security level, the IMH is available through an encoded cloud or on-premises directly implemented in the client's system. There is no user limit.

What stands out is the Idea Generation Technique Mode: in case of a lack of ideas, this mode can help. 

So called Thinking Events can be planned and problems can be solved in groups.

Relevant ideas can be chosen and irrelevant ones can be sorted out. For technical questions, proposals of experts can be checked.

Ideas that have not been realised are archived and possibly relevant for later projects.

Through different processes running in the background, the archived solutions are easy to find and can then be pursued further.

Implementation in the education sector

A big implementation are is among others the education sector. Companies can use the IMH to work together with universities. Here, IT-Informatik GmbH forms the link and hosts the system for the companies.

If a company needs young innovative minds for finding solutions, a university can be assigned so. This can be processed and controlled in the IMH.


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