Success Story: LIQUI MOLY - PIM as springboard onto the digitalisation wave

24.10.2018 Rebecca Pichler

Come again - PIM?

First of all: what is hiding behind PIM? The abbreviation stands for product information management, which is already less cryptic.

Looking closer, it is a software, which stores and processes information about products in a way that these can be used in different output channels, i.e. shop systems. The product information goes beyond the mere logistic-technical information of the ERP system.

LIQUI MOLY and IT-Informatik

The LIQUI MOLY Ltd. as a family owned company since 1957 located in Ulm with 527 employees is known worldwide as producer and marketer in the chemical industry. Together with IT-Informatik, they hopped on the digitalisation wave. This enables the company to offer their clients in over 100 countries new digital opportunities.

At the same time, this international spreading presented a special challenge, as all product data, like prospects, product data sheets and catalogues had to be translated - in fact into over 30 languages.

LIQUI MOLY and factor:plus

During this, factor:plus was a supportive tool. With factor:plus, the user at LIQUI MOLY is kept up-to-date about the maintenance status of the different articles online. In addition, standard translations are available.

Moreover, the client disposes of an online portal, in which all product information can also be retrieved by sales partners.

To simplify the maintenance of product data, of standardized advertising materials in particular, an Adobe Indesign Plug-in (priint.comet) was provided for the digitization process, which does not only automatically fill product data from the PIM, but also populates translations automatically.

All in all, with its PIM system factor:plus, IT-Informatik actively supported the LIQUI MOLY Ltd. during their digitization process.

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Do you want to know more about this topic? Then get in touch with us. Our experts will answer your questions.