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From the Life of an SAP Developer

19.02.2019 Florian Pichler, Rebecca Pichler, translated by: Rebecca Di Francesco

If you browse this blog, you probably know IT-Informatik. And you may know our maintenance solution OPRA. But do you also know the clever minds behind OPRA?

One of these clever minds is called Florian. As an SAP developer for OPRA Desk and OPRA Mobile at IT-Informatik he talks about his everyday life with OPRA and SAP.

Diverse tasks determine his everyday life, such as the further development of OPRA solutions:

In his area of responsibility with the mobile and stationary OPRA solution, he deals on the one hand with internal product development, i.e. specifically with our maintenance solution OPRA. The focus is on optimizing existing functions to make the product faster (performance optimization) and better (functional optimization).

It is also a matter of designing new requirements: what functions does SAP offer for implementation? How can a special function be integrated into OPRA and how can the user-friendliness for the customer be best increased?

Functions are included in the standard solution and the product portfolio is expanded as a result.

... individual project development:

The project development is also interesting for an SAP developer like Florian. This involves the extension of OPRA applications on the basis of customer-specific requirements. These must first be packaged in a concept and then implemented.

The first step is to consider how a certain function runs in the SAP standard, for example, whether a BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) is used as an interface, or whether function modules exist for it. Project development is individual, but standardized SAP interfaces are used as far as possible to exclude potential risks.

...research & effort estimate:

In addition, Florian also has to get into research from time to time and observe what is currently happening on the market and what needs to be done to be well prepared for the possible changes. It therefore reveals which new functionalities go hand in hand with new patches and how these can be used. A good example of this is S4/HANA and the associated and necessary adjustments to our applications.

After all, it often happens in the everyday life of an SAP developer in IT-Informatik that customer-specific solutions are developed outside the OPRA solution.

What distinguishes a developer from a programmer is the fact that the former is first and foremost involved in the design, architecture, and research of a project, with an emphasis on development.

So, our OPRA developers also think about the effort estimate, because the project doesn't end up on their desk. Often the customer's requirements concept is transformed into a technical concept and divided into tasks, which are then estimated. Only then does it come to implementation.

...customer contact, knowledge transfer & much more:

Anyone who thinks that developers sit alone in a dark basement and do nothing all day long but stare at their PC screen, which is littered with codes, is mistaken. Because Florian, for example, is often in direct contact with our customers, who can thus be optimally supported.

Last but not least, Florian also works with our Spanish colleagues or trainees and offers internal training courses for knowledge transfer and support.

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