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How I stumbled into marketing…

26.02.2019 Rebecca Pichler, translated by: Rebecca Di Francesco


my name is Rebecca and since April 2018, I have been working at IT-Informatik as a working student in the field of marketing. In fact, I study linguistics (to be precise: practical intercultural linguistics) at Augsburg University. And more or less, I stumbled into marketing.

Originally, I applied for an internship for several weeks and after a short job interview, I was directly offered a position as a working student.

In the beginning I was quite worried if I was really able to deliver what was expected from me, as I haven't had any real experience in the marketing field until then. Any worries, however, were ungrounded.

Your colleagues are the true heroes

For each question, my colleagues offered practical advice and assistance and they always made sure that it was no problem at all if I wasn't yet able to do something or if I don't understand something right away.

So I began to work: from Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator up to meetings in person with agencies. I was not only to be a part of everything, but to actively take on responsibility.

Finally see results

I think every student agrees with me here sooner or later: at uni, everything is often way too theoretical. This is why it was awesome for me to take things into my own hands (e.g. find suitable agencies for certain projects), put ideas into practice (e.g. design flyers or presentations, write blogposts) and get projects going (e.g. a "welcome folder" for new employees).

As a working student, I am in the office twice a week. However it is possible for me to take home my laptop equipment provided by the company to work from there in the home office.

Now I know what I don't want to do

I am responsible for the translation of various factsheets, presentations, and flyers and so on. I love doing that and I am always happy to help. After all, the last few years of learning languages have thus not been completely for nothing. By working at IT I became aware of the fact that I could never be a fulltime translator, which is actually possible through my studies.

I found out that other things, like real contact with clients for example, are more fun. This is why I plan on expanding this idea in my further course of studies, maybe during a master's programme. Of course, I want to connect this with the languages I've learnt, as getting in touch with people of other cultures is unique. Apart from that it is just really cool to be able to understand people in another language.

What I've learnt

Working at IT has taught me a lot: to be on the phone with strangers is not that bad, coffee is priceless (or rather Chococcino), your colleagues can become the heros of your everyday job life and most of all: you can learn anything. You just have to ask, if you don't understand something, and sometimes you have to do hours of research in internet forums until you know how to color layers in Photoshop, for instance.

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