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New mavericks at IT-Informatik - part 1

01.01.2019 Rebecca Pichler

At IT-Informatik, we welcomed Niklas (16), Marian (19) and Matthias (25) as future IT specialists for application development and Samuel (17), who is dedicated to IT specialists in the field of system integration. The only female representative in the new trainee team is Tatjana (17), who is aiming for a career as an industrial clerk.

When asked how our newcomers imagine their training at IT-Informatik, Tatjana says that she is looking forward to variety, a nice team, diverse tasks and in-depth knowledge of her future profession. Everyone else also agrees: an instructive education is at the top of the list.

Marian also finds it important to participate in exciting projects and thus be a part of the entire process, because with his commitment and knowledge he wants to advance IT-Informatik. Surprisingly, he is even looking forward to the final exams. Mainly, because then, he has successfully completed his training.

For Matthias, the professional perspective during the training is particularly important: "Since I already have a little more experience than most other trainees, I am given more exciting tasks that build on my previous knowledge. So I learn a lot more at work than at school, because most of it is repetition for me".

In comparison, Niklas is looking forward to gaining new experiences in professional life. "I was a bit nervous at the beginning of my apprenticeship when my day at work began, but after just three or four days I got used to it very well, as there is a very good climate within the whole company," says Niklas. At the beginning, he takes things as they come and is curious to see how his training will develop.

Samuel also had an interested start of his professional life: " [...] From the very first minute on, you were welcomed friendly and everything was explained and shown to us". For him, the daily work is also new, but after his internship at IT-Informatik, which he liked very much, he decided again to go to IT in order to gain more experience there.

Tatjana explains that it is also something new to start an apprenticeship directly after school. For her, the best experience so far has been "when you have managed something yourself without doing anything wrong and when your colleagues are happy when you have done something for them". She found it challenging to interpret the intentions of colleagues or customers correctly and to know the area of responsibility of all colleagues in order to coordinate telephone calls accordingly.

If you ask Matthias about his best experience so far, he replies: "My best experience was definitely when the feeling arose that I was already considered a full part of the team". But this was also a challenge, because he had to work on concrete customer projects right from the start, for which of course there were deadlines and high requirements.

The most exciting day for Samuel was his first day at work, because everything was so new to him. He, too, considered the first customer contact a challenge, as you are under time pressure and when sometimes, in between, questions arise for which you may not yet have a suitable answer.

Marian says: "So far, the best and the most challenging event has been my presentation about what I've already learned... if it hadn't been for the nervousness before. But that's also part of it. I was all the more happy about the positive feedback afterwards". He adds that he tries to gain as much knowledge as possible during his training and above all to support his colleagues wherever possible.

Niklas' expectations of the start of his training at IT have been confirmed so far: "You are being supported and you always get help. They also show understanding if you are unable to progress on a task, even though you've already received an explanation." For him, after his BORS internship in secondary school, it was clear that he wanted to do his training at IT-Informatik.

It seems as if everyone had a good training start at IT-Informatik and was happy with their choice. Soon, we will hear again from our five newcomers and find out how their training went and what difficulties they encountered. Maybe there will also be some funny stories - so stay tuned!

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