You have your IT systems updated regularly ... what about your individual skills?

22.01.2019 Thilo Weisshardt, translated by: Rebecca Di Francesco

Our training concept in IT-Informatik is characterised by respect for the valuable time of the employees in our customer companies; in addition to the effectiveness of achieving exactly the desired skills, we are also concerned with the corresponding efficiency so that you can quickly return to your workplace and use your knowledge profitably!


We also note two opposing developments: While the ever-growing use of IT technologies means that the flow of information is increasingly electronic, clear and targeted communication between people - e.g. within larger projects - is becoming more and more important. In addition to qualification within any IT topic, we also offer you further training in action and method competence (Soft Skills).


Standardized topics such as programming or training with certification are available in open trainings for individual interested parties from different companies. Here we pool identical requirements: All participants have the same expectations, but often look at it from very different perspectives. In addition to the goal of recording a defined know-how, these events are perfectly suited for your networking!

Exclusive events for special needs of employees of a company: i.e. divided or mixed agendas with their own focus (customized trainings). You get what you want - no more and no less!


We are happy to welcome you in Ulm: We offer you a wonderful atmosphere and a warm welcome, which will benefit your learning success ... as well as the fact that you are simply away from your own workplace and therefore more focused on the training due to the spatial distance. Of course, we will also come to your house if you have an appropriate environment.

Exactly this quality and flexibility is appreciated by our participants!

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Do you want to know more about this topic? Then get in touch with us. Our experts will answer your questions.