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11.06.2019 Sonja Wühr, translated by: Rebecca Di Francesco

The Carrera racetrack is certainly well known to many readers. What does a toy for children - or enthusiastic adults - have to do with our IT solutions? Quite simply: it shows our manifold possibilities in a networked age. Industry 4.0 is the motto. Find out here how we digitize individual production processes simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

What is Smart Factory?

The recently developed Smart Factory solutions "OPRA Production" and "OPRA Connect" consist of the various modules Worker App, Assembly Cockpit, Factory Monitor, Sensor Technology and IoT Portal and optimize production planning, control and monitoring. You can find detailed information on our modularly expandable solutions here.

Carrera on ComDay

Also at the ComDay in March 2019 we presented the Smart Factory offer, which was very well received by the visitors. Here you can see the structure of the Carrera racetrack including the sensors, the image in the IoT portal and the visualization in Azure.

Visible at first glance - the sensor technology

The image from the IoT portal shows the track from above. The installed sensors are very easy to see: three light barriers, a temperature sensor and a vibration sensor. Two of the three light barriers record the speed of the curves, the last one counts the lap time. The temperature sensor measures the "asphalt temperature". The vibration sensor, which measures the wobble of a car as it passes through, was attached to the loop.

Internet of Things – the visualization

First, the sensors are connected and their data converted into MQTT and sent either to the broker or to the SAP PCo communications center, from where the data can take different paths: the IoT IT portal, the previous SAP or OPRA software and/or into different clouds such as SAP HANA or Microsoft Azure, as a single solution or multicloud. The variety is great - thanks to variable data connection.

Conclusion: we digitize everything - be it specific production processes or the Formula 1 of your childhood.

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Do you want to know more about this topic? Then get in touch with us. Our experts will answer your questions.