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From different perspectives and "business etiquette"

05.03.2019 Tom Schölhorn, translated by: Rebecca Di Francesco

My name is Tom Schölhorn, I am 23 years old and have been employed at IT-Informatik GmbH for about 2 years as a dual student for the business administration industry. I am now in my 5th semester.

During my studies, which I did not spend at the DHBW, I mainly worked in sales, because I see my future there. I very much like the fact that I myself have a great influence on the course of my internship semesters and that many preferences are taken into account.

In addition to routine office work, I have been assigned many different and very diverse projects in the past.

Thanks to frequent customer contact and the broad spectrum of different personalities with whom I have been in contact, I have already been able to grasp many different points of view and opinions on a wide variety of topics and gain a great deal of experience.

In sales, for example, I accompanied my colleagues to different customer appointments and learned so much about everyday sales life - colloquially perhaps also known as "business etiquette".

What I find very helpful is that my previous supervisors have always taken time for me and responded to my challenges and questions. As my studies progressed, I was assigned bigger and more important tasks to grow with.

I am currently working on sales and the establishment of the IMH, the Innovation Management Hub. This is a Fiori app based on SAPUI5 developed by IT-Informatik itself.

It can be used to develop new ideas for innovations in companies. The unique thing about this application is that it accompanies the entire process from the idea to the concept and the project to the finished product. The developers behind this project were three of the Spanish colleagues in IT-Informatik.

My dual studies in I-Informatik allow me to get in touch with different people, to gather a lot of practical know-how and to put my theoretical knowledge into practice.

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Do you want to know more about this topic? Then get in touch with us. Our experts will answer your questions.