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Application Management

Everyday IT-Informatik products and solutions play the role of high-performance efficiency providers, which is linked to maximum individualisation and process optimisation. Therefore, this means specific basic conditions which basically exclude a simple Plug & Play. Experience shows that even individual applications can be very smoothly operated with a professional Application Management, regardless of whether they are installed in one of the IT-Informatik computer centres or “on premise” by customers. 

With a holistic approach, the IT-Informatik Application Management provides extraordinary advantages appreciated by customers with “slim” IT structures, as well as large companies like Liebherr or Ratiopharm: 

  • Maximum safety (low grade malfunctions or external attacks)
  • Easy scalability of the applications
  • Resource savings (including server, employees)
  • Prevention of bottlenecks (e.g. through holidays or illness)
  • Constant monitoring, innovative alerting options 

Customers decide in every detail which performances will be part of an Application Management and which tools will be used. The proactive range of measures extends from simple measures, such as application or framework updates, proceeding to the immediate problem solving, up to individual safety concepts. Not least, IT-Informatik provides a superlative safety level to masterfully repel damaging interventions or external attacks.

Application Management - totally variable:

  • Holistic approach for large and small customers possible
  • Operation in high-performance data centre or directly at the client´s premises
  • Customer - specific range of services and Use of tools

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