Trust is good, control better. The IT - Informatik portfolio in the field of monitoring goes one step further and is always a step ahead of the imminent complications: from forward-looking resource management, through designed utilization scenarios to individual monitoring of application-specific program processes. Due to that, automated routines and even more the deep knowledge of our project consulting will find severe issues and will offer additional opportunities and ways to act.

According to your needs, you can decide individually what kind of monitoring you want to use and to what extent. The same applies to the appropriate procedure in the worst of cases: starting from statistical evaluations via various alarms (for example via SMS) up to the previously defined escalation process. All possibilities are available to you.

In order to ensure effective monitoring, it must always be up-to-date - not least, this applies to potentially problematic influencing factors from the outside. At IT-Informatik we are deliberately focusing on the open source technology of Icinga. A guarantee not only for our monitoring technology to detect the latest malware and security gaps, but also to enable our customers to access quickly and cost-effectively to a variety of enhancements and additional functionality.

Always a step ahead of threatening complications:

  • Forward-looking resource management and specifically designed utilization scenarios
  • Individual and proactive monitoring of application-specific program processes
  • Experienced Project consulting
  • Latest Icinga monitoring technologies

ITEM - Client magazine of IT-Informatik (01/2018)

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