¡Hola Barcelona! IT-Informatik is coming.

IT-Informatik on the road to internationalization

If you want to promote topics such as digitalisation and Industry 4.0 internationally, you can not miss Barcelona. The amount of projects, software providers and research institutes that accumulate in the region gives the Catalan metropolis the title "Smart City of Spain".

Under the leadership of Richard J. R. McCullough the expansion of IT-Informatik will continue. The 29-year old has been working at the headquarters in Ulm for 2,5 years - with regular trips to Barcelona - and he is responsible for the international management of sales, processes and projects. The development of a new location in Barcelona began several years ago. Since then, IT-Informatik has continued to expand - and has been very successful: the Spanish team now consists of one manager for development and innovation, three software developers, one consulting manager and several international interns who are already actively involved in the project business.

Together with the two local institutions, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and the Eurecat Technology Centre, a SAPUI5 App for an innovative Management Hub has been developed. The aim of the hub is to gather and discuss ideas for new technologies and business models with partners who are involved there. Only a selection of them will be developed or implemented practically after an evaluation process. Companies such as Siemens Mobility and Continental, which are expected to be gained as further partners, have already been introduced to the concept of the Innovation Management Hub. The software originates from IT-Informatik, UPC and Eurecat contribute required hardware components as well as an exposure towards new talents.

For IT-Informatik, Barcelona resembles the vision of a location at which high-tech Industrie 4.0 solutions are conceived, tested and made ready for series production, before being put on the market via consulting and implementation projects. Participation in the measurement of tremors in Barcelona's subways within the Railgrup Cluster is just one initiative to get one step closer to this vision. In perspective, this is about the prospective possibility to use OPRA for condition-based maintenance as assigned by the city government.


“Not only on site, but also throughout Europe, in Singapore, Malaysia,

China and the USA, we talk with government representatives

and companies about potential digitalisation projects”,


tells Richard J. R. McCullough. The Barcelona site itself acts as a hub to spread company-related topics and technologies internationally. Spain's Smart City offers the best technical possibilities and framework for this.

ITEM - Client magazine of IT-Informatik (01/2018)

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