Erwin Hymer Group


IT-Informatik implemented into the Erwin Hymer Group a supplier portal/ WebEDI for the digital exchange of orders and order purchasing documents with the suppliers on the basis of the digitalisation platform factor:plus. The Erwin Hymer Group with headquarters in Bad Waldsee brings together the leading caravan and motorhome manufacturers of Europe under one roof.

At its several production headquarters, Hymer has numerous suppliers who mostly on a just-in-time basis deliver the components for the Hymer vehicles directly to the assembly line. Suppliers with large numbers of order and supply items are given priority to be tied fully automatically to the Hymer ERP Backend. However, as Hymer has numerous suppliers for whom an EDI connection is not useful due to a lower order volume or lacking IT resources, the company was looking for an easy and intuitive portal solution for the communication with these suppliers.

Thereby suppliers are informed per e-mail about new forecasts, orders or order changes in the factor:plus supplier portal. The supplier creates a delivery advice in the portal using the most important order data. Then this delivery advice is automatically recorded in the ERP of Hymer by the portal. Therewith the production planning is immediately actualised. Furthermore, this delivery advice simplifies the receipt of goods for Hymer significantly, because in case of large deliveries only the possible delivery divergences must be booked manually. Everything else takes place automatically via a barcode scan with the MDE device.

Hymer put into operation the factor:plus supplier portal with the first suppliers in May 2017, after a project duration of only six months. The portal is operated in the highly available computer centre of IT-Informatik. Now the portal will be gradually expanded to further suppliers, headquarters and purchasing document types.

ITEM - Client magazine of IT-Informatik (01/2018)

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