VARTA Storage


In June 2017 VARTA Storage GmbH, producer of stationary energy storing systems, received a prize for the VARTA Storage App, developed by IT-Informatik.

Via the new app the owners of such systems can easily read from afar consumption data, stored data and others. At the fair Intersolar, which took place in Munich at the beginning of June, VARTA received the prize donated by a renowned journal. In the section “Renewable energies” the App gained the second place in the reader survey/choice for the product of the year 2017. 

Like its sister company VARTA Microbattery GmbH, the VARTA Storage GmbH in Nördlingen belongs to the VARTA AG, with headquarters in Ellwangen. The company has no longer to do with the car batteries and the non-rechargeable batteries in the consumer sector. Currently VARTA is in a strong growth phase, which also rests on the expanding business of VARTA Storage GmbH.

VARTA wanted to provide its clients with the opportunity to control their systems in a simple and contemporary manner, without too much technical knick-knacks. An App that anyone can free download from the Google Playstore or from iTunes is therefore the most appropriate tool. Today, clients who have on their Smartphone an App for any conceivable purpose expect exactly this added value from a company.

The project „App development“ for VARTA started at the beginning of 2016. The deep know-how of IT-Informatik from the sceneries of the Internet of Things flowed in the VARTA Storage App. The App collects real data directly from the single IP networked energy storing systems, with which it is connected. These data are edited and visualised in an intuitive interface. Via a weather interface, the client can receive at home additional information about the current weather conditions. These features ensure the desired User Experience.

The App has been available since mid-2016, and more than 1,200 clients have already downloaded it. After adding since July 2017 clients from Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Australia to the currently majority of German users, VARTA counts on a user rate of 80% in the future.

All data at a glance with the VARTA App

  • Mobile, always informed on the move
  • Energy – see streams at a glance
  • Elements of smart house control – Reference to VARTA Connect
  • Weather locally precise anywhere – no matter where you are, you can see the weather data from home
  • Gapless historical graph of the operating data of the storing system

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