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No reason to bury your head in the sand: we help you out of the data chaos!

Everyone is talking about data protection. But is it also implemented in all systems?

It could be the (taboo) word of 2018: The Basic European General Data Protection Regulation, in short: GDPR. With this regulation, the EU strengthens consumer rights an the Internet and thus takes account of the increasing importance of the raw material "data". 

Companies had a transition period of two years to get fit for the GDPR. This transition period is now over and yet a majority of German companies - and in particular small and medium-sized enterprises - state in surveys that they are not sufficiently prepared. This can have serious consequences: In future, infringements of the GDPR could result in fines of up to 20 million euros or four percent of the (worldwide) Group's annual sales.

But that's no reason to bury your head in the sand: We help you out of the data confusion and offer you a multi-level GDPR package, which we are developing especially for medium-sized businesses. Consisting of tailor-made workshops and our new GDPR portal, this leads you to a legally secure solution with which you can comply with all regulations on data protection.

What does this mean in detail? You will soon find our cloud solution at As a subscriber to our portal, you will then have access to a number of exemplary processing directories and technical organizational measures (TOMs). Emergency plans and legally verified templates for non-existent documents will also be available there.

You don't want to wait anymore? Then we are available to you under for questions about workshops and resuming information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Is your company fit for the GDPR?

  • Do you know your data?
  • Do you keep a processing directory of all processes?
  • Are your systems able to provide the technical infrastructure and security?

At a glance: The most important innovations of the GDPR

- Consent becomes necessary: The company has documentation obligations in the form of processing lists
- The digital eraser: Data subjects can request the deletion of all personal data
- The three D's: The right to data security, data economy, data transferability
- Place of residence instead of registered office: The place of residence of the consumer is decisive
- Penalties: Up to 20 million EUR or 4% of the annual turnover