Advanced payment processing

BITS_0130 - Advanced payment processing

In sales environments the payment process belongs to the standard processes. Until now these processes have been strictly limited. With the BITS solution 0130 it is possible to make the payment processing more flexible.

With the new functionalities a down payment request as well as a proportionate delivery-related offsetting of advanced payments in the final invoice can be set.

In addition to that, in customer orders it is now still possible to make modifications to items and prices. An order cockpit called directly from the customer order has been implemented to facilitate the registration. With this cockpit advanced payments can be created and modified. It is possible to create advanced payments for the entire invoice, for one or several items.


Advantages of this BITS solution

  • Creation of down payment request with reference to customer order
  • Possibility of proportionate offsetting in the final invoice by partial delivery
  • Customer order items can be modified or cancelled also after the advanced payment
  • Advanced payments can be attributed to other order items or the complete document
  • Overpayment check in the order
  • Check on not successful advanced payments in the despatch and the final invoice
  • Possibility of instalments in the final invoice
  • Own customizing menu of the solution

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