Commission invoicing in SAP

BITS_0113 - Commission calculation and invoicing

In sales departments the principle of a performance-related remuneration by a commission assignment is often used. An employee can receive a commission if he concludes a contract. It depends on many factors if and to what extend commissions are used; this can be defined with the help of SAP Standard. This way several commission rates can occur depending on different materials.

With this BITS solution commissions are determined and transacted on the basis of the sales per period (for example, monthly), so that sales employee receive fixed commissions under specific conditions.


Further details about this solution:

Billing documents are the calculation basis for the commission amounts. Commissions are summarised at the end of the month to respectively one credit memo for each employee.

Credit vouchers are generated after checking and approving the credit memos, so that the sales employees receive their commission per credit voucher at the end of the month.

Advantages of this BITS solution

  • This invoicing enables a performance-related pay to sales employees, which SAP Standard does not provide
  • The commission assignment serves as an instrument for the employee motivation and sales promotion. Targeted sales focusses can be set
  • With this solution you can work with the already available rebate processing, in order to avoid expenditures of time and to reach a time and cost saving
  • During the condition technique seasonal commission amounts can be deposited per period and customer-specific conditions for the commission assignment
  • Commission amounts lead to provisions, which give an idea of the estimated incidental obligations

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