HCM Subsequent Administration for Health Insurance

BITS_0121 - HCM Health Insurance Management

Ever since the establishment of the general contribution rate for health and nursing care insurance, minor health insurance funds abandon again and again their business activities or merge with larger ones. These modifications in the health care market affect directly the data management of health insurance funds in the personnel administration and payroll system SAP HCM. In SAP HCM a company-owned health insurance list has to be maintained, which is a prerequisite for the deposit of a fund in MA master record. SAP provides in customizing some points that need to be cared in case of closing or fusion. Health insurance installations and Subsequent Administrations for Health Insurance lead often to errors that later during the payroll run turn into problems.

With the BITS solution “HCM Health Insurance Management” IT-Informatik provides a software that makes a free, transparent and sustainable care of company-owned health insurance lists possible.

Calling up the respective transaction you end up on the known mask:

Advantages of this BITS solution

  • Transparent and structured surfaces for health insurance management
  • Simple operation, self-explanatory handling
  • Easy implementation in the customer system
  • Regeneration of the history of health insurance management
  • Less expenditure of time in the data management, reduction of the error rate in the system
  • Convenient acquisition costs, support by IT-Informatik

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