Message dispatch SAP Documents with attachments

BITS_0110 - Message dispatch SAP Documents with attachments

Do you need a great deal of effort in manual activities during the everyday communication with your business associates, even though you already use the integration of message communication with the SAP system? Do you need to send more specific documents to the supplier during an e-mail order? These documents exist already in the SAP System, however do you have to forward them to the supplier on further steps?

With this solution, the dispatch of SAP documents via the message control is provided with the further opportunity to send additional linked documents as attachment. Thanks to this SAP application you can send messages to clients, supplier or any other recipients as usual.

It is possible to integrate this solution to diverse SAP applications and this way to process the most miscellaneous document attachments. You can find further details about it on the rear side.


Advantages of this BITS solution

  • Expansion of the message despatch with document attachments as new additional functionality by using BITS_0110; this way documents that belong together are delivered faster and safer to the recipient.
  • The lean software architecture of the solution provides a simple handling, reliability on the function and a quick integration
  • A high rage of functions, various possible applications, fully-integrated process in SAP Standard; this way high customized additional efforts are avoided.

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