Print preview for SD billing documents

BITS_0123 - Print preview for SD billing documents

This BITS solution enables to notify the print preview of a billing document during the creation process, i.e. even before it is assured. The print preview permits an easy error checking of billing documents before they are assured and led over the accounting.

This is a simple opportunity to recognise errors in time and this way avoid unnecessary cancellations.

Further details about this BITS solution:

  • The print preview is easily integrated in the SAP Standard invoice programme and enables the preview of a billing document at the touch of a button. Using the existing message control, an adaptation is not necessary. The clear advantage is that new messages have no longer to be inserted and maintained.
  • Using the original message means that the existing printing programme has to be adapted. In this case only the necessary adaptations will be carried out and if possible only in the printing programme and not in the form.
  • This makes sure that the user does not notice the adaptations and enjoys the new functions. The minimalistic modifications make also possible that SAP developers recognise their form and do not need to analyse it once again.


Advantages of this BITS solution

  • A billing document does not need to be saved to enable a print review
  • Incorrect inputs can be sooner recognised
  • Errors can be corrected immediately without the need of cancelling the billing document
  • Easy checking whether additional information e..g. Header text are available
  • Use and creation of existing message determination, which means no additional maintenance costs
  • Minimalistic adaptation of the existing print programmes/forms

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