RFC Communication management

BITS_0129 - RFC Communication management


After a system copy, different RFC connections must be adapted in a way which does not allow a data transmission from the Sandbox or the test system. The system isolation is an important step during an upgrade process or the installation of support packages and EHPs.

Blocking the RFC connection through the SM59 transaction is very expensive and takes long time. Furthermore the password entry has to be reset with the modification of the connection data of a RFC connection.

With this solution it is possible to choose all relevant RFC connections, block with one click and release again after the upgrade. Setting the password is not required with this solution.


Advantages of this BITS solution

  • Any RFC connection can be blocked with one click
  • Block of the RFC connection without resetting the registered password
  • Reduction of the error rate through automated procedures
  • Comparison in one view of different RFC connections

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