SAP Address data matching – Customer and vendor

BITS_0119 - SAP Address data transfer and matching

You create a new customer and enter the wrong street name. No problem! You are directly informed and can decide how to proceed. Or maybe you would like to look for an existing street because its precise spelling is unknown. This is also possible!

Current address data for the matching have to exist in the SAP System for such functions to be available. SAP standard does not provide address data though.

However, it is possible to transfer address data of an external supplier in the SAP System. After transferring the data and activating in customizing, they are processed when entering addresses in SAP checks for postal correctness; moreover search helps for the input are available.

With this BITS solution you can make sure that current address data for the address check are always available in your SAP System.

In addition to that, the check and correction of already existing addresses of customers and vendors is considerably facilitated with this solution.



Advantages of this BITS solution

  • Incorrect inputs can be recognised and corrected already when entering the addresses
  • Facilitation of the address input thanks to search helps and autocomplete
  • Existing customers’ and vendors’ addresses can be easily checked and corrected
  • Quick correction of frequently occurring errors during the address input

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