factor:plus - EDI

factor:plus – EDI

EDI – The tightest form of the digital networking 

An efficient E-business should aim to a digital networking with as many business partners as possible. With FactorPlus EDI you can accomplish this challenge without difficulty. As there is a multitude of standards, an EDI software must control all common formats and transmission protocols. Just like FactorPlus EDI, which carries out for you the EDI route operating.

Through the use of FactorPlus EDI for the electronic data exchange your ERP or Merchandise Management System does not encounter the formats and protocols of the communication partners at all.  On your side the technical effort is reduced to a minimum, i.e. the first integration of the FactorPlus Platform. The rest is handled by the FactorPlus software. The operation is generated in our computer centre, so that you can save the acquisition costs for further hardware.

Moreover you can expand FactorPlus EDI with our FactorPlus supplier portal, FactorPlus B2B shop and FactorPlus E-procurement and fully integrate it in other workflows of your business. 

Advantages of FactorPlus EDI for your business

  • You can quickly transfer data and reduce the reaction time
  • You can avoid errors during the transfer
  • You can tie more closely business associates to your company
  • You can relieve your employees from routine tasks such as checks, troubleshooting and wrong deliveries
  • You avoid the unnecessary provision of personnel for EDI
  • You reduce process costs through automatisms

Exclusive features

  • Costs independent from transferred documents
  • Fixed costs per document art and communication partner
  • Implementation and operating from one provider (full service)

ITEM - Client magazine of IT-Informatik (02/2017)

-- The high-tech neighbor -- ISO at OPRA OK -- Digital building blocks for Legoland -- You can read about that and much more in the current issue of ITEM.

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