factor:plus Supplier portal

FactorPlus – Supplier portal

Streamlining purchase processes and reducing process costs 

The FactorPlus Supplier portal supports specific purchasing activities by transferring the data exchange with the suppliers without media disruptions. Your suppliers receive an easy and intuitive web application with which they can supply their product data with the corresponding multimedia documents without training effort. Furthermore all transaction data such as orders, order confirmations, dispatch advices, delivery schedule, delivery notes, forecasts and call offs, can be transferred in the online portal. Also bills are transferred in conformity.

You can expand the FactorPlus Supplier portal for example with FactorPlus EDI, accelerating this way the electronic data exchange from system to system. In this combination nearly 100% procurement processes can be digitally carried out. As an alternative you can combine it with for example FactorPlus PIM (Production Information Management). This way your supplier product data that you can then use for your sales communication can be easily transferred. Well-known brands such as Ratiopharm or Bechtle use our FactorPlus Supplier portal for their business and have streamlined and accelerated their procurement process. 

Why your company should use the FactorPlus Supplier portal

  • Reduction of high process costs for the manual document entry
  • Prevention of errors during the capture of paper documents
  • Collection of data of your suppliers from the suppliers’ portal without effort
  • Reliable valid data through the quality assurance of the supplier portal
  • Completely digital data processing

Who benefits the most from the supplier portal

  • Companies with minor suppliers
  • Companies that would like to completely digitalise the supplier communication
  • Companies that look for more process visibility

Exclusive features

  • Document versioning, i.e. the modification of different stands is reproducible
  • Identification of modifications between orders and order confirmations

ITEM - Client magazine of IT-Informatik (02/2017)

-- The high-tech neighbor -- ISO at OPRA OK -- Digital building blocks for Legoland -- You can read about that and much more in the current issue of ITEM.

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