SAP HANA + SAP S/4 HANA Readiness Check

Are you ready for SAP HANA?

The latest generation of SAP Business Suite SAP S/4 HANA is currently the most discussed topic. But the first step is to set up the necessary HANA database as a basis. The significantly faster analysis of large amounts of data is often a decisive competitive advantage for companies. Many SAP users are therefore already working with SAP HANA In-Memory technology. Before deciding to use the SAP-HANA database, it is recommended that you work with experienced consultants to examine the basic conditions for a migration.

SAP HANA Readiness Check

Our SAP HANA Readiness Check gives you well-founded answers to all questions about a possible procedure. We analyse your existing infrastructure and check the compatibility of your SAP system landscape with the SAP HANA DB. We meticulously examine your servers, storage, networks, backup infrastructure and monitoring. Recommendations for the implementation and operation of SAP HANA DB provide you with the possible next project steps.

HANA Ready                  

  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure
  • Database
  • SAP System landscape
  • Recommendation for action
  • Implementation strategy

Next step: SAP S/4 HANA Readiness Check

SAP S/4 HANA is the latest generation of SAP Business Suite and replaces the previous SAP R/3. Based on the In-Memory Technology of the HANA database, which is the basis for the system, you will then not only have a new software but also a new database and possibly new hardware. SAP S/4 stands for Innovation and Simplification, which not only makes your business processes and their procedures more visually appealing but also simplifies them fundamentally in order to guarantee the best possible efficiency within the business areas.


S/4 HANA Ready

  • Simplification Item Check
  • Custom Code Analysis
  • Analysis of business processes 
  • Recommendation for action
  • Implementation strategy

You know

  • the prerequisites you fulfilled for the implementation of SAP HANA DB
  • the investment costs for your SAP-HANA project
  • the possible architecture of your SAP-HANA landscape

You will receive

  • Suggestions for building your SAP HANA DB according to SAP specifications
  • Suggestions for Migration to SAP HANA DB
  • Suggestions for operating the SAP HANA DB

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