Trainings at IT-Informatik

Everything but ordinary.

The trainings at IT-Informatik differ from ordinary ones for many reasons.

With efficient events we show respect for the value of the working hours of your employees. This way they are sooner productive for your company!

It is clear that trainings with final certification have exactly defined contents. Nevertheless many years of experience and accordance with our User Helpdesk allow us to formulate practical agendas for standard trainings and thereby answer the typical user questions.

It does not matter whether you want to tailor standard trainings on the base of the topic selection and/or emphasis or if you want to mix contents from several courses, because you get from us exactly what you need.

Not only belong our beautiful and modern premises to an optimal learning environment. The adequate attention and the personal estimation towards your participants create an ideal atmosphere which has always been reported back as a special feature in comparison to any other event.

You regularly invest in updates for your hardware and software …
Do you do the same also for your employees’ skills?

You optimise processes and improve the efficiency of your IT systems and applications.
The consequence is therefore investing in human capital, so that your employees can better work with these systems and use more time for their core competences. For your entrepreneurial success.

Your contact person

Thilo Weisshardt
Head of Business Unit Training

Tel.+49 731 - 935 42-132

ITEM - Client magazine of IT-Informatik (01/2018)

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